Howard Chandler Christy Papers

The Lambs, 1934

The Lafayette College Special Collections & College Archives presents Howard Chandler Christy Papers, 1873-2001.

The Howard Chandler Christy Papers (1873-2001) document the personal life and artistic career of Christy, noted American illustrator and painter. While a photograph of Christy’s birthplace dating 1873 is the earliest item found in the papers, the bulk of the material dates from ca. 1915-1952 and pertains to Christy’s career as an illustrator, portraitist, poster and program artist, and painter of large-scale historic murals. Other topics of interest throughout the papers include the social lives of Christy and his second wife, Nancy Palmer Christy; their travels across the United States and abroad; and their patriotic, humanitarian, and philanthropic efforts for various organizations.

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