Funny Spontex TV Ads

Spontex Ad
I knew the “classic” very cute version of the TV commercial for Spontex called Sexy Sponge where a porcupine (or a European Hedge Hog) fall in love for a sponge. This “new” (for me) French version for Diabolik Spontex sponge is much more “indecent”. Watch also this funny Spontex ad showing how good is a man in the kitchen.

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4 Responses to Funny Spontex TV Ads

  1. Yazerty says:

    You ‘re right to say this is “new” for you. Because in France this is a quite old tv ad ;-).

  2. Francois du Paul says:

    tisn’t a Porky Pine ! Tis a European Hedge Hog.
    Ooh la la, ces Americains !

  3. Bibi says:

    Hi Yazerty, I never saw them in TV, any of those commercials. I think we don’t have that product here in Brazil. 🙂 I watched the “old commercial” years ago, and just knew that version. I loved to find this “new version” today. 🙂
    What americans François? For me it looks like one, a porco espinho.

  4. regine says:

    now i remember it! i used to think “poor sponge she’s being gang raped!”

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