Funny Moving Sculptures

Estátuas do mundo 5
Another one of my readers, Eduardo Kush, sent me six pictures of curious sculptures. I have no idea where they are from, but I like them, they are funny and look like they are moving. I uploaded them to this set at Flickr. (Thanks Eduardo!)
Updated: a nice reader posted two links related to the sculptures in the comments. Bronze Bathers shows one of the sculptures from another angle, it’s from the Singapore River at Boat Quay, and the other link, Bratislava, has more curious sculptures. Thanks jamyloup!

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7 Responses to Funny Moving Sculptures

  1. jamyloup says:

    Hello Bibi,
    One of these statues is in Singapore, at Boat Quay: see here

  2. jamyloup says:

    Hi again Bibi,
    In the center of the city of Bratislava you can see some funny statues also.
    See here:

  3. Hello Bibi,
    you can tell me, the sculpture with falling man where stand and which it is to mean.
    beautiful greets from Austria Manuel

  4. Bibi says:

    Hi, thanks so much jamyloup 🙂

  5. Jamyloup says:

    Hi Bibi, It’s me again.
    You can find this one in a street in Brussels (in my country, Belgium), in the Midi Street; it presents “Madame Chapeau” in english: “Misses Hat”. She is a very known character of popular Brussels comic theater; she’s supporter of a football team “The Daring” and she drinks lot of typical beer (in the comedy play)in Brussels, called “Gueuze”. She’s also known to be a rabbit killer….

  6. jamyloup says:

    Hi Bibi,
    Hope I ‘m not boring you…Finaly, with the help of a few friends from Brussels, we found the precisely location of this one (falling policeman). You’ll find it at the “Sainctelette Square” in the Brussels Regio, in a city called “Molenbeek Saint Jean”.
    On this site you will discover many many fantastic things about Brussels. Kiss to everybody from Belgium
    With Altavista, you can translate it in English or in Portuguese.

  7. mansour says:

    fuuny moving please

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