Dodos in Pictures

Benares #3
The Finnish photographer Harri Kallio took shots of dodos in their lush natural habitat for his last book The Dodo and Mauritius Island: Imaginary Encounters, and since I can’t resist dodos, the book is now in my Amazon wish list. To get dodos photographed, Kallio constructed two life-sized sculptural models of the dodo – a male and a female – with adjustable aluminium skeletons, silicon rubber heads, and bodies covered in swan and goose feathers, says Slate.
Riviere des Anguilles #6
His pictures have a vintage style, looking like the registries of animals made by Marey and hand painted after. Part of it is resulted of the process of exposition that Kallio utilised, since he has only two models. To complete the idea of a history registry he photographed the birds in various remote locations where the landscape still looks more or less the way it did in the 17th century.
Take a look at his great work at this gallery at Slate site and if you live, or are going to visit New York, don’t miss the exhibition at Bonni Benrubi Gallery. (via nonist)

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