Chocolate for Girls

Grand Marnier Handbag
Girls love chocolate right? Most of them have a passion for bags too, no? So, why not put them together? Ok, someone made this. The Choco Choco House – Where chocolate meets fashion – made a delicious collection of little chocolate handbags in ten different flavours / models. Most of the beautiful handbags are made with milk chocolate and milk chocolate ganache inside, but they also have handbags made with dark chocolate, flavoured with almond, vanilla, coffee, Vodka and chilli pepper. What chocoholic and cat lover can resist to the Kitty in my garden? (via Slashfood)
South Sea pearls
Still talking about fashion and chocolate, visit L’Artisan du Chocolat. Their have some incredible luxurious and tasty chocolates in different flavours and shapes. Among them, the Chocolate pearls for glamorous chocoholic women. I can’t think of a women that wouldn’t love to win a box of them or the Liquid salted caramels, also from the signature collection. Looking for something more simple? Try the Truffles collection (ooh… I love truffles) or the Fruits and nuts chocolates. It’s a pity that they don’t have anymore the Black cat made with 70% dark chocolate. (Thanks again Sizi!)

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