Boris Artzybasheff

Naught so sweet as Melancholy

Check it out this post of ASIFA: Artzybasheff’s Neurotica. It’s about the amazing work of Boris Artzybasheff, a master of anthropomorphism. The images are from “Neurotica”, a visual depiction of extreme states of mind, the first section of a rare book titled As I See.

Artzybasheff had a long career as an illustrator, beginning in the late 1920s with art deco style illustrations for books like Creatures, extending all the way through the 1950s. His most notable achievements are his cover illustrations for Time magazine, depicting a wide range of notable people in the news; and also his arresting images for magazine ads promoting Shell Oil, Xerox and Parker Pens.

More Artzybasheff’s images at Boris Artzybasheff Biography, The Art of Boris Artzybasheff, American Art Archives and Eisner Museum.

Update: ASIFA made a new post with more incredible works of Artzybasheff – Artzybasheff’s Machinalia.

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