Banana Art

Banana Chorale
This Russian page has a gallery with 20 images of images of banana art. There are no references of information about the artists, but the first image look like the works made by Tonico Lemos Auad, a Brazilian artist that uses pins on banana’s skin to create those faces that emerge when the fruits begins to rot. More images of his works here, here and here.
I also discovered the creator of the second picture, Henry Rox, a German sculptor that began experimenting with photosculpture–photographing sculptures of characters designed from fruits and vegetables. His photosculpture work won repute in magazines, postcards, a Hollywood film, and as illustrations in several children’s books. There are few images of his works here and more banana art posters (like the image bellow) here. (via Slashfood)
Banana Dog
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Update: via growabrain I found a very cool blog The Tattooed Banana. The blog has few of the same images that are in that Russian banana art, but with the artists names.
Update: The Russian page with images is no longer available.

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