Worlds Largest Dice Collection

Collection of dices
Worlds Largest Dice Collection: the story of Kevin Cook, that started to collect dices in 1977 and keep this obsession until now. In 2004 he receive the certificate of Guinness Record for the largest collection of dices: 11,097. Dices of plastic, amber, foam, glass, metal, paper, stone, wood, celluloid, bone, candy… with 4, 6, 8, 12, 20, 30… and 100 sides.
Search by theme, material or brandy, or look at How The Collection is Housed to see the boxes: the result and pretty and colourful. Imagine any kind of dice and this guy has. Maybe to all; he has naughty dices but doesn’t have the two models below, not in a Portuguese version. (via Quiddity’s)
Dadinhos beijo Dadinhos

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