Wintergreen – “When I Wake Up”

Wintergreen - When I Wake Up
When I Wake Up is the videoclip of Wintergreen‘s song (a very cool music I have to say) directed by Keith Schofield. Maybe because I’m a nostalgic of the 80’s I liked the video’s idea. It shows the band playing video game and searching for a treasure in a desert, while it tells the story of E.T. the video game based on the movie. Atari paid $20 million of licensing rights for E.T. to Steven Spielberg, but it was a tremendous failure. It was the worst Atari game ever. I didn’t have the pleasure of play it and I’m not felling bad for this now. (via Milk and Cookies)
Plus: a list of Top Ten Shameful Games by Game Spy, List of video games considered the worst ever, Worst Games Ever Part One and Two. BTW, if you liked the song don’t forget to visit the Wintergreen site to listen to more songs.

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5 Responses to Wintergreen – “When I Wake Up”

  1. Chandramoon says:

    Awesome blog – congrats on being so high up the blogspot list.

  2. Bertrand says:

    Hey, thanks for all these links, I’m going to love them 😀

  3. Bibi says:

    Thanks so much Chandramoon 🙂
    Hey B, you always love my links 😛

  4. kirkley says:

    i always thought i just sucked at video games because i couldn’t figure out the logic of this one.

  5. Bibi says:

    You are not the only one Kirkley, specially when the videogames had fights or tricks. But I was a terrible pacman player too.

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