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Do you remember of Blogbinders, that helps you turn your blog into a bound book? I don’t know what happened to that site, but I found something similar: BlogCollector. It’s a free and neat tool to backup your blog and publish it into a book. It supports MSN Spaces, Blogger/Blogspot and other blogs through RSS 2.0, exporting them as PDF. The free version has a limit on the max number of entries and export pages, but choose the pay version and you get support to images, export in PDF, HTML or RTF, no limitations, and more features. The good part? It’s available to download for Windows, Mac, Linux and Sun.
Blogracy is a kind of social software for blogs. The idea behind Blogracy is to create a community where its structure emerges from the interactions of all humans involved. The score a blog gets is the sum of its own contribution and the interest it generates in other users. Jorge, from o zombie comeu o meu blog, invited me but I added just few blogs to the page of my blog there, because it’s necessary to reserve some time to do searches, and add blogs to it.
Do you need a massage on your site/blog’s ego? Or you are just looking for something funny? Try egoSurf. It helps massage the web publishers ego, and thereby maintain the cool equilibrium of the net itself. We search Goggle and find links to your blog. To make a search, enter your name, or expression, and the address of your blog. If the result isn’t good enough for you select the “more options” and add, Yahoo, Technorati and/ or MSN. Do you like it? You can add a link to your blog and sign the feed for the search. (via Micro Persuasion)

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