Reverse Latin script

????? ?uo s???? ????l ?x?? ? ???? u?? no? ?6u??sn?? pu? ?uun? ?q u?? osl? ??? ?nq ‘??p?? p????? ?l????l pu? ?ll??s s?? s???? ???? ?u???? ?? ?xoq s,??q??q ?? ‘???? ?so? ?no? ?,?? pu? ??q??q s?? ???u ?? ‘???
.ereh loot gnisrever txet rehtona osla erehT
And works in French too:
?u???l ?? su?p ???-??nl?? ???o? ??x?? un ?????? z??nod sno? ???u?sn?? ?? ?lo??p ??ssn? ?s? ?l? s???? ‘????z??q n?d un ???p?? ?un ?? ?s?????q ?un ?s?,? ?nb ?su?d ??? ?xoq s,??q??q su?p ‘????? ?ss??o?? ???o? s??ns ??? ?? ??q??q ?ll?dd?,? ??? ‘?nl?s
.ici esrevner etxet ed ruetarénég ertua issua a y lI
(via nababu)
PS.: is the same text, but I’m not so sure about my text in French.

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2 Responses to Reverse Latin script

  1. patricia says:

    Strange I only see many little rectangles mix with letters ?????

  2. Bibi says:

    Well, I think you don’t have the type necessary to see it. That is a joke with unicode and it shows the letters reversed, but it’s just another characters.

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