My Heritage

My Heritage
My Heritage is one of the world’s first applications to apply the scientifically advanced technologies of face detection and recognition to family history and to consumer photos; and it’s free. The site, that still in development, launched a tool called Find the Celebrity in You to you get a sneak peek at their face recognition technology. Upload a photo, make a fast registration and in a few moments the system shows which celebrity you resemble the most.
I tried many photos, and according to the system I look like: Katie Holmes, Jodie Foster, Drew Barrymore, Halle Berry, Courtney Cox, Asia Argento, Kirsten Dunst… and the stunning Ava Gardner? Me? No way… not even far. Ok, it’s funny anyway. (via eu curti)

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3 Responses to My Heritage

  1. peacay says:

    “its funny anyway”…
    Yes – you are prettier than all of them!
    ps. Is it me or is your site slower to load now?? Usually it is pretty fast (ADSL) but the last few times I think it is a bit slow. *shrug* Doesn’t matter. I keep coming back ;- )

  2. Bibi says:

    Thanks, but not really. 😉
    YES! I said that many times to my “webmaster”. I have ADSL also and it’s very fast the otehr sites, but not mine. He raised my alloted bandwidth and it’s searching for other place to host my blog. Let’s see what will happen.
    Doesn’t matter. I keep coming back ;- ) Thanks, but you can also use Bloglines, I usually read the blogs there.

  3. peacay says:

    I use bloglines too – sometimes here, sometimes there! But the furniture is more comfortable here and the colours are nicer ;- )

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