Lucy in The Sky with Diamonds

The very psychedelic 70’s Beatles’ video Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds from Yellow Submarine. Do you really need a reason to watch it? (via Milk and Cookies) If you have an interest in more videos of Beatles, make a search at YouTube. I found many videos: videoclips, shows, tributes and interviews. Of course the crazy girl from You Tube made a playlist with 61 items, almost all of TV shows and videoclips.
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Update: there is an alternative version with William Shatner “singing”. (via PCL)
Update: the playlist was deleted by YouTube.

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3 Responses to Lucy in The Sky with Diamonds

  1. Lucia Malla says:

    Bibi, coincidentemente eu fiz um post homenageando a Lucy ontem… 😉
    Engracado esse transmimento de pensacao.

  2. Emmy says:

    Aimee Mann did a very good cover of that song (nothing like the Shatner monstrosity :)) for the soundtrack of the film “I Am Sam”. Email me if you want it. 🙂

  3. Bibi says:

    Oi Lucia, e olha que nem fui eu que tive a idéia de colocar o link, só vi e não resisti. 🙂
    Yes Emmy, I want it!

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