Les Filles de l’enfer

Barbara Shelley
Les Filles de l’enfer – Scream Queen – Vamps of the hell. A homage site to the vamps, usually a femme fatale, what means a bad, beautiful and very sexy woman; to the scream queens, the actresses that had many appearances in the horror films, most of the times as protagonists; and to the girls that played bad girls or the villains.
Anyway, the site is a homage with galleries of pictures and information of actresses that played those characters in films. You will see there pictures of Veronica Lake, Racquel Welch, Caroline Munro, Jane Seymour, Bo Derek, Ursula Andress, Linda Carter, Julie Newmar, Sharon Tate, many others and a gallery with images from the classic Barbarella. An advice: NSFW, because it contains nudity. (via dadanoias)

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