Google in China

Everybody is talking about the Google censorship episode in China. Few people understood what this is about, but most people is against what they did anyway. But, what does Google say about it? The Official Google Blog gives Google’s version on why they felt they had to do that… or what they want us to think they had to. Read it and take your conclusions after.

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3 Responses to Google in China

  1. Sean Wilson says:

    Very interesting article on Google in China. The whole issue has focussed a lot of attention of China’s human rights record, which the authorities in Beijing won’t be happy about.
    The people who give Google a hard time on this issue still buy their cheap clothing & electrical goods from China…
    China has a seat on the UN Security Council & I believe China still has “most favoured nation” trading status with the US.
    Google is in a difficult situation. If you really want to do something about the political situation in China, contact Amnesty International for advice.
    Alternatively write to you’re the parliamentary representatives in your country or the Chinese Embassy.
    What other alternatives can readers suggest? I’d be glad to hear them.

  2. Hemaworstje says:

    about time Google started to block the USA as well.

  3. Bibi says:

    Yep, maybe Hemaworstje, but I’m against censorship.

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