From Lebanon to Japan in Posters

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Art Posters in Lebanon from The Jafet Library Archives and Special Collections. The AUB collection of 177 art posters dates from the early sixties until the late twentieth century. (via Agence eureka and BibliOdyssey)

Far and Wide: The Golden Age of Travel Posters. (via PCL)

The 1920’s and 1930’s ushered in an unprecedented era of travel to exotic and romantic destinations. And nowhere was this more clearly expressed than in the travel posters of that time. The Los Angeles Public Library ’s collection of travel posters perfectly captures this era.

Japanese Public Service Posters with women at work. A gallery with more than hundred vintage posters. (via IWR)

Absinthe Rosé Oxygénée

Original Vintage Absinthe Posters at The Virtual Absinthe Museum: Tamagno, Privat-Livemont. Beautiful Art-Nouveau posters by Jules Chéret, Cappiello, Privat-Livemont, Lefevre and Tamagno, and curious (funny to me) Anti-Absinthe posters. Visit also the other sessions of the museum with postcards, memorabilia, brouilleurs, carafes, pyrogenes, glasses, fountains, spoons and unusual items. (via El Burlador)

Triptych: 160 vintage soviet posters. A nice collection with posters from the first decades of the 20th century. (via IWR)

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