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There is Illustration Friday, Photo Friday, Science Friday, Friday Ark and the classic Friday Cat Blogging. So why not a Friday Sex Blogging? Ok, this is just an idea, or an excuse to put all the links about sex and erotica, that I collected in the last few weeks, on a single post. The result is the list below, and most of the links are NSFW.
Adult magazine covers: a collection with lots of vintage covers of girly magazines at It’s over the session The Condensed History of Humankind that has more collections of vintage images.
Art or porn?: a safe and funny test from Guardian Unlimited with ten options to check if you know the different between a vintage film of art and a vintage soft porn. Apparently i have dirty mind and chose most of them as porn. (via ponchorama)
Audrey Kawasaki: paintings, illustrations, studies and doodles. Her oil and ink paintings in the wood of languid girls with pleasure expressions are great, they remind me of Mucha’s works. Even her sketchbooks are very nice. She has a weblog with few more works and info about current works. (via Por fin es viernesss)
Dominique Portrait
Danielle Emerick: We Shoot Bad Girls. Naughty and famous pin-up models in sexy pictures. Galleries with pictures of Bernie Dexter, Masuimi Max, Dita Von Teese, Julie Strain and more gorgeous women.
Desinées: a French blog about heroines of comics, pin-ups and nude art. There is a huge archive of erotic illustrations for almost all tastes. BTW, when the pop up appears click at the “OK” button (that’s an advice of the material of the site and about the age). (via Foire à tout)
Diodsex: ok, it’s safe for work and maybe isn’t fair post it here, but It’s about sex. Or do you think those resistor-LED-capacitor-inductor creatures making Kama Sutra poses are indecent? Can I call this geek erotica? Will you match your impedance with mine?
Edwardian Delights: vintage risqué, erotic and nude postcards. The postcards are categorized into four sections: Lingerie / Bathing Belles (Risqué), which includes décolleté & lingerie studies, Nudes, Erotica, which may include cards that are perhaps more erotic than the standard nude but does not contain any pornography and Ethnic Nudes.
Vintage Edwardian postcard
Few podcasts about sex: Open Source Sex with Violet Blue, MXL: everything sexy, Sex Talk Straight and Gay, Sex With Emily: A Talk Radio Show and Whorecast: a work in sex.
Gay Artists Galleries: a page with many links to galleries of gay and lesbian art. Between the artists there are painters, photographers and comics painters. Don’t forget to visit the virtual art gallery of Irit Rabinowits an check a look at her naive paintings. (via Sex?).
Jean Jacques André Photography. Beautiful black and white pictures of nudes and art works of oil pastels, mixed media and ink, divided in six galleries. (via Art Nudes)
Making love in 1976: 16 scan of pictures of Making Love. How to be your own sex therapist. It’s a self help about sexual education or something like that. You can feel the 70’s kitsch and innocent atmosphere through the retro images. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think we had a Brazilian version of that book, with big pictures and explanations.
Morgana Femme Couture custom made original corset designs, fetish and pvc corsets. They made custom corsets for each client, but you can take a look at the design page to choose a pretty model. (via Otomano)
Masuimi Max by Octavio
My Secret Life by Walter: The Sex Diary of a Victorian Gentleman. It was first published between 1888-1894 in 11 volumes in Amsterdam by the Belgian-born bookseller/publisher Auguste Brancart. Considered obscene and pornographic, the book was banned for nearly 100 Years. Choose a chapter, a suggested word or make a search to read the content. (via nonist )
Oh Wicked Wanda! is an erotic illustrated comic that ran in the back pages of Penthouse magazine from 1973 through 1980.The story of OWW, creators info, sample pictures, scanned images of the covers, faq, the characters and the stories. The cheesecake comics makes a mix of sexual escapades and political satire. (via
R.I.T.Z.E.: a collection of lobbycards of sexploitation films, maybe from 60’s and 70’s. Some of the “great” titles: “Sweet Bippy Blue”, Housewives on Call”, “Pain and Pleasure” and “Infidelity American-Style”. (via happy palace)
Rare Erotica – Scarce Erotic Material From the Past. It’s a daily weblog with texts, pictures, drawings, memorabilia and more vintage erotic stuff. (via Drawn!)
Oh, Wicked Wanda!
Retro Pics: a giant directory with thousands fo vintage erotica images divided in 30 galleries. Pictures, photo series, magazine covers, advertising and tons of Betty Page pictures. (via a best truth)
The Erotic Coloring Book was published in 1975 by Berlin & Associates with illustrations by Craig Berlin. The images, almost funny nowadays, reflect the psychedelic 70’s influence, but they can be much better following Jmorrison advice: go grab some crayons and get to work.
The home of Shaalis the Sacred Androgyne and the Metal Spider Clan – an organic self-sustaining environment in which erotic experimentation is raised to an artistic level and the interplay of dominance and submission brings a new kind of freedom. Books, graphic novels, costume design, photography, tattoo and more art works by Michael Manning. (via stationsvakt)
Typewriter Erotica vintage pictures from 1920’s and 1930’s, most of the French, of secretaries in different stages of nudity in pictures ranging from innocent leg-shots to total nudes and beyond. They have safe images too. (via Sex?)
Underwood - boss and sexy legs
PS.: if you speak Portuguese there are two hilarious short animations about sex:
Almas em Chamas – the story of a dangerous woman obsessed by a fireman with many kitsch dialogues (and that is the funnier part);
Amassa Que Elas Gostam – a mix of claymation and film, it tells the story of a woman obsessed (yes, this one too) by a clay porn star.

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  1. mernitman says:

    Good Lord, Bibi, what are you DOING to me?! One could spend a week browsing through this post’s material — you’ve given me way, way too much guilty-pleasure procrastination material, so please don’t do it every Friday! 😉 Once a month would be plenty…

  2. Bibi says:

    Ah… you have alll the weekend to do that Billy! 🙂
    And don’t worry, I’m not gonna to do that all the week, was just an idea. I can’t find all this links in just one week.

  3. guillemet says:

    Merci!!! pour ce lien…
    thank you de France…
    Bises Serge.

  4. Thomas says:

    Hi Bibi
    Thanks for the great link collection – lots of fun to browse thru them. 🙂

  5. Bibi says:

    De rien Guillemet. 🙂
    Hi Thomas, thank you. I didn’t know that you read my blog. Nice to see you here.

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