And the issue is: Fallacy. In logic, fallacies of the latter sort are either formal or informal; because the validity of a deductive arguments depends on its form, a formal fallacy, or Logical fallacy, is a deductive argument which has an invalid form, whereas an informal fallacy is any other invalid mode of reasoning whose flaw is not in the form of the argument.

Wikipedia has vast material, but if you want more, visit Logic & Fallacies, A List Of Fallacious Arguments and the very good site Logical Fallacies. It’s a good thing to know: how to use them, because they are very useful, specially to win an argument. Here is one of the fallacious arguments that I heard a lot:

the use of words that sound better. The lab rat wasn’t killed, it was sacrificed. Mass murder wasn’t genocide, it was ethnic cleansing. The death of innocent bystanders is collateral damage. Microsoft doesn’t find bugs, or problems, or security vulnerabilities: they just discover an issue with a piece of software.
This is related to Argument By Emotive Language, since the effect is to make a concept emotionally palatable.

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