Deeply Disturbing Cuisine

Cellophane, 1954
I never appreciated much the company of other kids when I was one, and I still don’t like them, but now I know the reason: children are evil and scary. Since the release of The Shining (and the book also), you may have been noticing that children can be more scary than the other characters in a film, specially when they have powers or special abilities. The fashion is to use creepy little girls in horror films – and it works. Now I have more proof that I’m right in my theory: Demonic Tots and Deeply Disturbing Cuisine. Vintage ads, not all with children, but they are good examples of what I’m saying. (via GeeWizz)
Once you are there, visit the other pages of Plan59 – The Museum (And Gift Shop) Of Mid-Century Illustration. Retro images of cars, decoration, architecture, advertising and photos. They have a blog to show the new additions and keep the readers up-to-date about the news.
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