Bloggies 2006

Bloggies 2006
Make a list of your favourite blogs and go to the Sixth Annual Weblog Awards. Yes, The Bloggies is on-line and the page for nominations will still be open until January 10 for nominations, so you’d better be fast. This year three categories were removed, including best meme, and three new were added: Best Podcast of a Weblog, Best Craft Weblog and Best Teen Weblog.
I have many suggestions for almost all of the categories including podcasts, but you can check out my list on this site. And, if you like this blog and the content that I post here please nominate Bibi’s box. You can cast your suggestion at Best Latin American Weblog and Best-Kept-Secret Weblog. If you can nominate it for any category that I suggested, specially the first one, I would appreciate a lot. Thank you!
PS.: I think that The Cartoonist would like if you suggested his blog for Bloggies, including Best British or Irish Weblog. Let’s put him on the short list this year.

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2 Responses to Bloggies 2006

  1. Donizetti says:

    Bibi, é meu aniversário na sexta e será tb um encontro de blogueiros… Gostaria muito que vc fosse. Mais detalhes aqui:

  2. Bibi! A happy new year to you!
    Well, regarding the Bloggies, I’ve given up. I’ve tried it twice now, but all that gets nominated are weird celebrity brits blogs and whatnot – except, of course, great Latin-American weblogs! 🙂
    Thanks for the plug, but I doubt anything’s going to happen regarding The Cartoonist. But then again: a happy new 2006!
    All the best to you,

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