2006 Bloggies – The finalists

Finally Bloggies updated its site. Cool? Not really… if you take a good look, you are going to see weird things: many very popular blogs but not so good, many non-blogs and the absence of excellent blogs (in detriment of the popular and not so good). At least they put some excellent blogs among the finalists, but just in a few categories, and some of those deserved to be in more categories.
Examples: we make money not art is finalist for European blog, but it isn’t for Technology, even posting more with more interesting content that blogs that are in that list; Micro Persuasion isn’t there and he (Steven Rubel) always posts about the last news about technology; Drawn! is competing only for new weblog and it isn’t in the Canadian weblogs; Slashfood isn’t there, even with a fantastic content; Cinematical wasn’t select for Entertainment Weblog and they are better than most of the finalists; Fark, Digg and Slashdot as blogs? What? Since when? They are great, but I wouldn’t call them blogs. If they are blogs I’m a bunny.
Those are just a few examples of the weirdness and why I’m so upset. The finalist list has popular blogs, or blogs that were in evidence in the last few weeks in many categories but they aren’t really good blogs. And what is a good blog for me? First: it has to have interesting posts, even if they are just links – they have to be interesting; second: frequency – posting once in a million days or not so often doesn’t make a good blog, or it has to have a really good and original content; third: new and different stuff, that means, from time to time put something original, change the way that the posts are made and surprise the reader with a different link, text or idea, or it’s going to be boring.
There are blogs that always have something new, the links blogs usually do that; there are blogs with just text, but from time to time they make a very surprising post; there are thematic blogs but few of them have some special posts, news and a great content; there are bloggers that don’t post that often but their content is so good and original; there are blogs that dig the news and links about an issue; and there are blogs with just images, but surprising images. Those are what I call good blogs. I know that I’m very picky and almost boring about what I think that is a good blog, but I’m trying to explain why I’m pissed about some finalists and the absense of many ( PCL LinkDump and Google Blogoscoped aren’t in the list too!).
Ok, I didn’t have what I want, but there are good blogs and blogs that I like there and I’m going to make my suggestions. In some categories I won’t make any suggestion, whether because I didn’t like any of the finalists or because I don’t know any of them and don’t want to give my opinion just based on the first impression. So, here are my suggestions for you to vote:
Best Web Application for Weblogs: del.icio.us rocks, but WordPress is also free, open source, has zillions of skins and plugins and is a great tool to create a weblog.
Best European Weblog: We make money not art – do you have any doubt about the excellent work of Régine there?
Best Latin American Weblog: I have two suggestions and you choose: the only blog I read there is Ponchorama, but The Cooking Diva looks great (visual, content and frequency of posts).
Best Canadian Weblog: since Drawn! isn’t there, vote for Daily dose of imagery (I read it for a while and it’s nice).
Best Tagline of a Weblog: the taglines are very good this year… I can’t choose just one.
Best Podcast of a Weblog: The Movie Blog, because I read the blog and the content is great.
Best Photography of a Weblog: Chromasia that has stunning pictures or FlickrBlog that digs the best/ amusing/ different in Flickr?
Best Craft Weblog: Make rocks! I’m always amused by them.
Best Web Development Weblog: Learning Movable Type – free content about MT, suggestions, useful and very detailed posts, tips, tutorials… and her posts saved my life many times.
Best Computers or Technology Weblog: you choose – Popgadget or Lifehacker.
Best Topical Weblog: all the times I visited Treehugger I liked the posts.
Best Group Weblog: Lifehacker deserves to win this year.
Best Community Weblog: this is funny, Slashdot, Digg and Fark are there. Ok, I’m a bunny, vote for /..
Best New Weblog: Drawn is the best, without a doubt.
Lifetime Achievement: I don’t know what happened to Boing Boing the last year. I started to blog because of them, but now the posts are getting boring and the news aren’t so new. What happened? Well, if they deserve to win a category this year, it is this, because they were fantastic.
Weblog of the Year: among the six choices I choose the best, Lifehacker.
My conclusion is: Bloggies is becoming Webbys, which had just two real blogs as finalist in the blog category last year. BTW, is it just my impression or blogs about culture and art aren’t popular as finalists?

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12 Responses to 2006 Bloggies – The finalists

  1. Thank you Bianca! Hugs from sunny Panama 🙂

  2. Bibi says:

    My pleasure, your blog has a very nice content and the visual is beautiful. It’s a pity that I’m not so good cooking.

  3. poncho says:

    Thanks for the recommendation!
    and being up against a chef… that is tough. And a very nice person! Double tough!

  4. Bibi says:

    Poncho good luck and be careful with her knives! 🙂

  5. Sebastian says:

    Hey, Bibi, you’re making me blush once again!
    I’m glad you like my blog. But I am also glad for not being nominated for something like bloggies. That’s the truth.
    I want to earn my audience.
    Besides: PCL is not a blog
    But thanks. You’re the sweetest!

  6. Bibi says:

    I’m not sweet, I’m evil! 🙂
    And if PCL isn’t a blog I’m a bunny. Ok, give me some carrots!

  7. Sebastian says:

    bibi – Ok. You’re evil. In a very sweet way…

  8. Chris says:

    The bloggies make the blogosphere feel like high school all over again. I wasn’t popular then so why should it be different in the blogoverse.
    I’m not voting because it is usually the same blogs year after year. I would vote however if PCL and Bibi’s Box both made it. Two kickass blogs who have given me hours and hours of entertaiment (and links to reblog)

  9. peacay says:

    The only 2 I would consider voting for are Drawn! and PostSecret – I really think P.S. is such an amazing phenomenon that it deserves an award for the idea and getting everybody involved – but then, is it a blog?
    I guess so: ‘updated regularly’ is about the only qualification to be a blog I suppose.

  10. Bibi says:

    I saw a link to you blog from Drawn yesterday peacay 🙂
    That illustrator is great, but , I posted it :/ Need to find more illustrators!
    Yes, I like a lot of Drawn, they find incredible images.
    Thanks Chris, you are very nice… sometimes 😀 I think that Sebastian would like to hear that too.

  11. That’s too funny. I just came across your site and there’s this post.
    Thanks for the nice words about our site.

  12. regine says:

    merci merci Bibi! not just because of your support but also because your post is very brave. it says loud what many people think but keep to themselves: the definition of what’s a blog definitely needs to be refined.

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