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Here is my collection of new links about internet and geek stuff.

Five Blog Reading Hacks: five ideas with all the instructions to you save some time, from Micro Persuasion. They are nice, but a longer day could it be better to me.

Geek to Live: Best apps of 2005. Firefox,, Google Earth and Bloglines are on the list! Cool!

Google Base blog import instructions You can add your existing content to the Google Base for broad distribution with only a few easy steps.

How to Read 12 Digit UPC Barcodes because I always wanted to know how to do that. (via Make)

Now That’s What I Call Blogging: 43 Top Web Hits From Across the Blogosphere. A funny parody with inspired song names. I liked the song number 6 “Why I Love My Cat”. (via kottke)

Printable Mozilla Firefox Shortcuts and larger print. The cheat sheet contains easy to read and remember keyboard and mouse shortcuts for Firefox that is run on Windows. (via Spread Firefox)

Put Technorati Mini in Your Firefox Sidebar: Steve Rubel give all the instructions to instal Technorati Mini. BTW, is just with me or Technorati is making some magic and subtracting the blogs that link to me?

Ten Bloglines Hacks: one more great list by Steve Rubel, with tips and links to hacks and instructions. I like a lot the last one Post Read Bloglines Items to

Ten Wikipedia Hacks by Steve Rubel, from Micro Persuasion. The tips goes to Create a User Account to Gain Access to Additional Features to Play Six Degrees of Wikipedia.

The Firefox Hacks You Must Have: a Wired article. I don’t think you need to have all installed, but I have to say that can survive without SessionSaver.
Tim Berners-Lee has a blog: timbl’s blog and 455 comments on his first post! I’m jealous, but it’s okay I’m jealous of what he did too. (via /.)

Top 10 tips for effective blog reading from Nev n Dave. I think I need to read that since I’m spending a lot of time to read all feed that I sign. (via Lifehacker)

Top 10 Website Euphemisms from Google Blogoscoped. A very funny list. An example? Number 3: What the site says: We’re still in Beta. What the site means: Don’t write bad press reviews yet.

Top 20 geek novels 132 people have voted for the best geek novels written in English since 1932.Unfortunately I read just 4 of those books, but if you asked if I saw their movie versions my answer is much better. (via /.)

What Is Screencasting and how to make. A screencast is a digital movie in which the setting is partly or wholly a computer screen, and in which audio narration describes the on-screen action. Explanations and instructions by Jon Udell. (via Make)

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    Wow, what a great collection of blogging resources. It’s going into right now.

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