Firefox 1.5

I was reading Harry Potter when this happened: Mozilla Introduces Firefox 1.5 / Mozilla Firefox 1.5 Released. Download it here.
PS.: I’m not sure if I will keep using the latest version, because 10 of my extensions don’t work with this version and I can’t live without them, specially without Session Saver, Single Window and QuickNote (I have more than one hundred of links saved there).
Updated: after a search for new available versions of my extensions, I solved the problem of seven, and now, what I really need is a new version of Single Window. So, I will keep this new version.

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4 Responses to Firefox 1.5

  1. rebuscador says:

    take a look, perhaps it works for you as well as for me

  2. Bibi says:

    Thanks! I saw a similar article some weeks ago but… I didn’t think that I could need it. :-/

  3. I haven’t tried the solution proposed in the previous post but, did you tried to install the Session saver version available at
    It states to work with Firefox versions from 1.0 to 1.6a1

  4. adam says:

    This is exactly why I wait a minimum of one month before upgrading any FireFox version! The extensions are great – but if they break when upgrading there’s no point.

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