Christmas Linkdump II

And here is the second part of Christmas Linkdump:

Brat Invasion


Christmas Greetings 2005: Brat Invasion. The brats are set to pilfer the presents from under the Christmas tree. You need to stop them! An adorable and instructive game, if you don’t like kids.

Frosty Flips Game: Help Snowboarding Santa stock up on goodies for Christmas!

Holiday Express: a kind of Tetris with presents boxes as the pieces. (via NicoSite)

Jinx Episode 2: Miracle in the 34th Dimension, with an evil Santa. (via NicoSite)

Grow Ornament is one more “evil” Eyezmaze game that you have to discover the right sequence to finish the game, but this one is much easier. (via NicoSite, le meilleur du web pour vous…)

Lustiges Weihnachtskugeln: Santa is balancing on a snowball while he needs to jump the logs and throw down the snow men.

Santa Artois: Keep Santa on the straight and narrow by your mouse left and right as he drops presents down the chimney.

Santa’s Ride: the same as the flying penguin and the other games; you have some energy and need to spend it to make Santa and his sled flying.

How To

All the wrappings: We’ve outlined some steps to help you wrap beautiful gifts in all shapes and sizes. (via Lifehacker)

Christmas Firefox Theme: all the instructions to make it, with two themes.

How to make a snowman ornament from a light bulb When your light bulbs die, don’t throw them out. Make them into really cute ornaments. (via Make)

Mr. Tubbs, the Snowman – Crochet Snowman Pattern. 4 adorable holiday themed patterns (via Make)

Winamp skin for Holidays: Modern Holiday. Looks like a Christmas tree, maybe that’s why I like it.

Paper Craft Tree

Paper Craft

A+ Snowflake: Paper Snowflakes, Free Snowflake Pattern Instructions for making Paper Snow Crystal Patterns. Many models to you have fun.

Activités de Noël pour les enfants sur Tomlitoo: Christmas paper models. (via Agence eureka)

Canon‘s Paper craft models: Christmas Card, Santa Hat, Wreath, Tree, Northern Santa Claus and Northern version 2.

Christmas Tree: scroll down to find an adorable tree to download and fold.

Flying Pig Christmas Paper Animations. Free models and links to more paper craft.

Flying Santa / Babbo Natale Volante by PaperPino. (via Paper Forest)

Merry Christmas! from The Toy Maker, with PDF models of boxes, cars, balls, calendar bag and Dodechahedron of Little Snow Guys with beautiful illustrations.

Paper Forest: Holiday Paper Forest. A collection of links to paper trees, origami, kirigami and paper sculptures, for the holidays.

PDF paper model of Christmas Tree, decoration and cards.

Peace in Paper Downloads: some models of Christmas and New Year’s paper craft to you download and fold.

Sanwa Supply has adorable models for Christmas: cards, trees, ornaments, boxes and even a house.

SF Gate:Chronicle Holiday Cards to print.

Yamaha’s Paper Craft model of a sled with two reindeers, a a Christmas tree card.


A Christmas Gory: “A Christmas Story” as horror film. (via Boing Boing)

Bizarre Christmas Musicians: a man playing a Christmas song in a keyboard with bouncing balls.

Chris Christmas Rodriguez: vote for him to replace Santa this Christmas. (via wmmna)

DirecTV Tv commercial for Christmas.

Gunther’s Christmas Song (Ding Dong) and the pay uncensored version. So good as his other videos. (via Pez)

L’arrestation du Père Noël: the policemen stop Santa for routine check.

Le Père Noel dans un Sex Shop (Santa Claus in the Sex Shop)

Parkour Santa: Short video of Santa freerunning like a Saint.

Santa Claus’ Punch and Judy from 1948, at Internet Archive. (via Bedazzled!)

Sarah Silverman “Give The Jew Girl Toys” (via Cynical-C)

Syncronized Christmas Lights Display 2005 video 1 and video 2. And please, don’t do that on your home!

The Junky’s Christmas, a film by Nick Donkin, presented and narrated By W.S. Burroughs.

ZombieClaus is In a nutshell, we’ll be combining two powerful memes that have been running through the underground for some time now: Santarchy and Zombie Mobs. Don’t forget to see the videos! (via MetaFilter)

Vintage Christmas Card


Acclaim Images Posters and Art Prints: Vintage Christmas posters and cards, circa 1890 – 1919.

Christmas Past: Christmas Image Gallery and Vintage Christmas e-cards.

Mazaika‘s Vintage Santa Xmas postcard gallery. More than 700 of my favourite Old Russian Soviet New Year greeting cards. (via The Cartoonist)

Russian and Soviet Christmas and New Year and Christmas e-cards.

Scared of Santa Gallery: Tis the season to be scared witless. I knew this, but it’s always good to take a second a look at those images. (via Martin Klasch)

Shiloh Postcards: vintage Christmas postcards from the beginning of the XX century.

The Antique Christmas Lights: A look into America’s Christmas lighting history from its commercial inception in 1900 through about 1950.

The Beatles Christmas Album: memorabilia of Beatles and Christmas. (via Quiddity)

The NYPL collection of greetings cards fof Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Birthday and New Year, and Christmas Menus.

Vintage Christmas Flickr community. Here is a place for you to post all things vintage – and retro – that are Christmas-related. Time Period 1940-1975

Other stuff

Christmas Abstract: as Chris said, Deconstructing Christmas Songs. (via Cynical-C)

Festivus Poles for your Festivus. (via MetaFilter)

Fuck Christmas Seriously – are you kidding me with this “There’s a war on Christmas” bullshit? (via Kottke)

He believed in Santa. Guardian article about Andy Warhol: We think of Warhol as too cool for Christmas. But how could he not adore this celebration of the kitsch and the spiritual, asks Jonathan Jones.

Krampus is a shaggy monster with horns, covered with bells and dragging chains. In Bavaria, St. Nikolaus is followed by a similar horned creature, called Klaubauf; in Styria this attendant is named Bartel (via The Groovy Age of Horror)

Letters To Santa: tons of Christmas stuff – counter, backgrounds, Carols, traditions, history, sheet music, recipes, tales, Christmas greetings, ecards, etc.

From the Official Google Blog: how to track Santa with Google Earth.

Quiddity: A Space Age Christmas. Links about Christmas and Daleks and sci-fi Christmas.

Ugly Christmas Lights We will show the garish, the ugly, the weird.

Merry Christmas Firefox

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