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Animation MeatWant to really learn something about animation?. Cartoons model sheets for you to practice with (space Ghost, Wacky Racers, Powerpuff Girls, Herculoids, Mighty Heroes, Flintstones,Frankenstein Jr., Filmation Archies, Family Dog and Bluth Misc ) news, notes, templates and links. I would love to be able to make animations, but my animations classes showed me that my talent to make them tens to zero, even my bouncing balls animation didn’t look good enough. (via Bubblegumfink!)

ASIFA is one of the most interesting and amusing projects of the last years, if you are an animation fan. The International Animated Film Society: ASIFA-Hollywood has embarked on an ambitious project to create an animation archive, museum, and library for the benefit of the animation community, students and general public. The first step is the creation of a virtual archive, and you can check out the first results on the site. Don’t forget to see how you can help with the project.

Following the links of ASIFA visit also Tick Tock Toys – Archives & Galleries. Food packaging, blog, cereal boxes, store displays, newspaper ads, animated commercials from 50’s, fast food, characters, gum card art and more cool stuff all related with cartoons.

Barnacle Press: an excellent blog and archive of vintage cartoons and comics. Many preciosities since the beginning of the XX century, like Alice in Funnyland.

Big Cartoon DataBase is the best reference page that I know for classic cartoons. Providing an In-Depth, Detailed Look at your Favorite Cartoon Classics. They have a terrific Searchable DataBase of Cartoon Information, Episode Guides and Crew Lists.
Gerald McBoing Boing
Cartoon Modern is an adorable blog dedicated to style and design in fifties animation by Amid Amidi. Images, information, reviews and links. (via Martin Klasch)

Cartoon Radio Network is a wonderful podcast about cartoons soundtracks, news about DVDs and more things about cartoons. I talked about it before, but since it’s one of the few podcasts about cartoons (but the number is growing!) it’s a good talk about it again. If you have any request of songs and audio of vintage or new cartoons send your email Dr. Don that he will try to make your wishes come true. And since it’s almost Christmas (and New Year) there are some Cartoon Radio Network Podcast Holiday Special Editions with cartoon episodes and the top ten cartoon Christmas songs.

CartoonStock is a searchable database of over 60,000 quality gag cartoons, political cartoons, cartoon pictures and illustrations by over 290 of the world’s best cartoonists. (via Lifehacker)

Channel Frederator is a weekly video podcast with some of the world’s coolest and funniest cartoons. Well, it’s very cool indeed and the episode of this week is about Christmas. (via Cartoon Brew)

Dominique Besson: 19 vintage movie posters, like Bambi, Fantasia, Sleeping Beauty and Gulliver’s Travels.
The Creepy Coupe
Free PDF paper models of Classic Cartoons of Hanna Barberas’ Wacky Races by by The Webdude. What can be more fun for Christmas? (via Paper Forest) Plus: paper models of Barney’s Car, The Flintstones Family Car and Stoneage Scooter.

Golden Age Cartoons is a website devoted to the classic cartoons and characters from the Golden Age of Hollywood. A lot of information, videos, the history, images, drawings, songs, news, comics, art, etc. and more cool etc. My favourite session: The Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies.

Looney Tunes Hidden Gags. After you watch enough Warner Bros. theatrical cartoons it becomes obvious that the directors and animators liked to slip in little hidden gags during the cartoons. The site has some of those hidden jokes and gags, whose meanings can be understood by few people or were executed in the background or very quickly. Now you have one reason to you watch those cartoons again. (via Drawn!)

Mer Betty Boop a great post of stationsvakt with a collection of Betty Boop animations available on Internet Archive. Use the direct links of the post or try the search result, if you want to get more information about each cartoon.

My Duck Family Tree is the family tree of Donald Duck. And since that you are there check a look on the other interesting stuff of Calisota Online a dedicated site to the universe of Disney comics and cartoons. (via Cartoon Brew)
Wile E. Coyote
Sam Cobean’s World – The Cartoons of Sam Cobean. The art and humor of New Yorker Magazine Cartoonist Sam Cobean (1913 – 1951). The site has an extensive collection of his works, divided by themes. (via Drawn!)
Superman‘s animations by Max Fleischer on Internet Archive, the first appearance of Superman on Action Comics #1 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster and Superman Radio Show. All via Papel Continuo.

The Animation Podcast: The voices of Animation. My goal in making The Animation Podcast is to present today’s voices in animation in their own words to create an audible record that is hopefully a source of knowledge, insight, and inspiration for me as well as you..

Vintage ToonCast, a weekly video podcast Playing public domain vintage cartoons and high quality short films from the 30’s and 40’s hosted on Internet Archive. The last episode, Hector’s Hectic Life is a Christmas episode. And please sign the pledge.

Saturday Morning Cartoons’ Greatest Hits: 19 songs from classical cartoons played by different groups, like Julianna Hatfield, Collective Soul, Frente!, Violent Femmes, Ramones and Helmet, and provided by a best truth.
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