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An Eye For Annai
An Eye For Annai: an excellent hand drawn animation made by Jonathan Klassen and Dan Rodrigues. The story: Annai looks for an eye.
Big Trouble in Little South Park: John Carpenter’s Big Trouble in Little China played by South Park characters. (via Cynical-C)
Born to Be Alive: a cat with a big head, rejected by everybody tries to kill himself. (via NicoSite)
Edna: when Chaplin meets the Jurassic Park. (via Koreus)
Freddy vs. Jason in 30 seconds with bunnies. One more funny animation provided by Angry Alien Productions.
Helium: creatures fight for breathe in a over-populated sphere. The visuals are stunning.
Inflate Escape: The story is about a balloon which is stuck to a little cart. All other balloons have been sold and the lonely balloon finds a way to get loose from the little cart. The film was made by Daniel Eusebio Roque, Jesper Monteny and Dave Snijder, students of the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam.
Inflate Escape
Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppets: wonderful dark animation by Michel Gagné. The spots, animated in Flash, were created for Nickelodeon’s 2005 “Halloween Shriekin Weekend”. (via male.dei)
Les Fantaisies de Margot is the story of a timid little girl named Margot. Accustomed to her loneliness, she is afraid of adults and particularly of her uncle Theo. (via NicoSite)
Motorola TV Commercial:a travel throughout cinema history by a cartoon bunny. (via NicoSite)
Paper Wars: a sticky puppet in love goes fight for her sticky puppet girl. Meta-animation.
Pencilmation: two amusing episodes of meta-animation by Ross Bollinger.
Super Moine: a monk fights to save his fellows and the Monastery from invasion of vikings. Hilarious animation if you like films like Kill Bill. (via Koreus)
The Snowman: what happens when aliens try to inquire a snowman about life on Earth. (via NicoSite)
The Miser: a sordid tale based on an Aesop’s Fable about an old man who buries all he has in a hole in his backyard.
The Truth about the Flea Circus: the animation is an HP commercial that reveals the truth about flea circus.
Stain Boy - episode 2
Tim Burton’s Stain Boy: six weird episodes in flash of a kind of superhero called Stain Boy, written and directed by Tim Burton.
Tim et Tom is a marvellous animation that plays with the process of animation and the cinema. This French short-film was made by Romain Segaud and Christel Pougeoise as a graduation project work for SupInfoCom.
Tree And Me is an oddly styled Flash short by an artist named VanBeater. (via PCL)
Vampz: a history of two young vampires that likes to play and tease each other. An animation made by the students of EESA (Ecole Européenne Supérieure d’Animation). (via Koreus)
War Photographer is an extremely cool animated music video directed by the talented Joel Trussel for musician Jason Forrest. (via Drawn)
Tim et Tom

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