Google Notícias Brasil

Google Notícias Brasil

Yesterday news from Google: Google News Brasil and Google Book Search. Then, the new name of Google Print is Google Book Search. Here is one reason why the changed the name:

When we launched Google Print, our goal was to make it easier for users to discover books. Now that we’re starting to achieve that, we think a more descriptive name will help clarify what our users can do with it: namely, search the full text of books to find ones that interest them and learn where to buy or borrow them.

About Google News Brasil, it seems that works fine. It has the most popular journals and sites of news and works as the same way as the English version. But I don’t know if the Google News Portugal is also very good to check the latest news. (via Official Google Blog)

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  1. Acrescentei no meu blogue um mecanismo de pesquisa para esta versom lusófona de Google News:

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