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Good news, bad news (well, not so bad), and other things:

First the good news: if you use any Mozilla browser with the search bar that uses the mycroft search plugins and you sometimes do searches on this blog, you can now use Bibi’s Box search plugin. Just click on the image below to install it.

Install the Bibi's Box search plugin

In other words, it is a plugin to install on the search tool of your Mozilla browser. When you put a search term on the search box (usually on the upper right-hand part of the window) and click enter, it uses the website search engine to search the full content of the blog. The webmaster/boyfriend made it for me and I would like to say Thank you! to him. I don’t know if it will be useful to that many readers, but it is to me, works gracefully, and it’s very good for finding related posts and faster than opening the blog to do the search.

Now the bad news: I didn’t finish the job of fixing the characters of the old entries, because I need a lot of time and patience to fix the missing posts from July 2004 to February 2005. Patience and time: two things that I haven’t had enough in the last few weeks. I’ll get back to that next week.


I would also love to know where my readers come from. So if you have a minute, please post a simple message on the Frappr page of this blog or just click on the image bellow.

Check out our Frappr

Linking Policy

One more thing, a delicate subject. I want to say thanks for all the links to this blog. I love to find one link (who doesn’t?), a nice comment or one more reader, but my blogroll is composed of blogs that I like and visit frequently. I read and appreciate many other blogs and sites, as my Bloglines shows. I’m planning to update the list of links here, but the choice of what I add or not is very personal and I don’t like so much when people ask me for a link or say that want to exchange a link, like “I post a link to you on my site and you post a link to me on your blog”.

I don’t care if the blogs don’t retribute for my linking, I will keep them if I like the blog or site, but I won’t make any kind of exchange here, specially spammers (but they won’t read this). I’m really sorry, but I can’t add a link just because someone asked me to. I just can’t. So, please, make of Sebastian words, my words:

There will be no advertising or reciprocal links. Not ever. I link to whatever site I feel like.
This doesn’t mean (of course!) that you shouldn’t send me the link to your homepage/blog. I might link to it / blog it if I like it and think it’s a nice place.
This is a decision of mine […]. However, I’m not afraid of linking sites here (check my blog roll or my archives if you need hard case evidence!). I love internet.

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4 Responses to News and information about this blog

  1. peacay says:

    I totally agree about the blogrolling Bibi. I love LOVE love going through link lists on websites but when people link everybody, it is hard to trust their blogroll.
    If I want to know who links to Bibi, I can look on technorati. But I like to know what Bibi (or anyone else) likes – the only way to see this is when Bibi shows me her favourites.

  2. jEff HerNdon says:

    Interesting site. Check out ours if you get a chance.

  3. Sebastian says:

    Wow. My words are famous.

  4. ~b~ says:

    Well done on the Mozilla search plug-in. It is super-useful for me too.

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