Peter Pan

Peter Pan Booklet
C20th Peter Pan: a selling exhibition of memorabilia. Peter Pan history, the history of James Matthew Barrie (the author) and his other plays, memorabilia, like Peter Pan material, ranging from theatre programmes, posters, books and records to autographs of early performers and even a cigarette lighter. (Thanks Johnny)
Updated: Kevin reminds me of an old entry about Randy Constan, a guy that loves Peter Pan and made a kind of homage page called Peter Pan’s Home Page! (be careful with the sound and his pictures dressed as Peter Pan).
Peter Pan disco
Updated 2: sorry for one more updated, but I was looking for those things. Peter Pan by James M. Barrie to read on-line; “Peter Pan” on the Project Gutenberg to read on-line or download; Peter Pan audio book with Jean Arthur and Boris Karloff, narrated by Miriam Wolfe with music by Alec Wilder, to download.

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    Great link! Beautiful old pictures centered around Peter Pan.

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