Pourquoi les lapins ont-ils de grandes oreilles
Amusing pastime for the afternoons: Ninjors. It’s a French site full of cool stuff: comics, animations, cool backgrounds and more. Travel through the images of the initial menu to find all the content. Suggestions to take a look there:
– click on the menu and watch the TV (a parody of a Boo Dylan video clip), see the Tripotin, Olaf et Korpatas, Les Mystères de la nature, HayakuteKantan and Zorromancho. This selection contains many silly animations in French, be careful. If you have time, take a look at the other animations too.
– click on the box to play Mahjongg on-line.
– click on the image on the table to read few comic strips of Tripotin – le gentil petit Rhonicéros.
PS.: You don’t need to know French to enjoy the site, because most of the fun is visual, but you won’t get some of the jokes on the animations.

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