Lucha Loco

Maximo by Malcolm Venville
Lucha Loco featuring Malcolm Venville photos of wrestlers of Mexico City. (via male.dei.)
Plus: more links about Lucha Libre.
El foro de Kaliman: scans of the photo novel Santo, El Enmascarado de Plata. (via Mondo Schlocko)
La Arena is the largest lucha libre wrestler database in the world (and not just the internet) since late 1997. It is a space where you can find information about many of the most important figures in the history of Mexican wrestling, as well as many past and current stars, both on the national and minor league scene.
Lucha libre, a Spanish phrase loosely translated into English as “free-style fighting,” is a genre of professional wrestling developed in Mexico. The Wikipedia article.
Lucha Libre: The History of Mexican Pro-Wrestling, Lucha Libre.
Lucha Libre Movie. Lucha Libre, Life Behind the Mask explores the unique world of Lucha Libre through the stories of three luchadors continuing the tradition in Los Angeles.
NPR articles Mexican Wrestling as Art and The Masked Men of Mexican Movies.
Professional Wrestling Online Museum: news, photos, biographies, and the histories. Pages to visit there: El Santo, Mil Mascaras, Tiger Mask and The Super Destroyer.
The Films of Santo, El Enmascarado de Plata. This filmography is listed by the year in which production began, which is the standard way of dating Mexican films (thus, a film which started shooting on 31 December 1968 is a “1968 film” in this system).
The Lucha Libre Action Figure Archive: a very nice collections of action figures, but a geocities page.
Viva La Lucha Libre your gateway to the wacky world of mexican wrestling.
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