Les Girls

Jane  Birkin
This is not a post about Cukor’s film Les Girls; it’s a post to introduce you to a few blogs that I like a lot, where you can find girls singing in French.
Blowupdoll was the first audio blog that I visited. And thanks to Mordi that posts songs of “dolls”, as he calls the lovely singers, I discovered many great French singers.The French dolls aren’t so frequently on his wonderful blog, but there isn’t a single reason not to put him on your favourites list.
Filles SouriresGirls. Singing In French. Making Me Sigh. Any questions? A man with a suggestive nick of Guuzbourg shows the singers that he appreciates with a brief presentations and files to listen. I have to say that Filles Sourires is now my favourite audio blog and I’m addicted to French songs, specially those sung by girls.
Oh-la-la is not a blog, and I talked about it some time ago. It’s an on-line radio with French music from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Of course they have French women singing. New music is added every week, so from time to time, just go visit it.
Rato Records Blog. The focus of this blog is vintage songs and occasionally there are posts with French singers. Check all hist posts with the name” Nostalgia” – you can find on those compilations many a lot of French music.
Spiked Candy. I’m not sure of the blog’s theme, but there are a lot of songs in French and girls singing. I didn’t find any feed to sign, but to keep me updated of the fantastic selection of the songs posted I signed the mailing list. One of my favourite posts is euro-madness with the beautiful song “L’Amour Est Bleu” by Vicky Leandros.
I have a contribution too, with six of my favourite French singers. If you like the songs you can buy the CDs on Amazon. And here is my selection:
Carla Bruni – Quelqu’un M’a Dit or here (buy the CD)
Clarika & Bernard Lavilliers – Non Ça S’peut Pas (buy the CD)
Eartha Kitt – Je Cherche Un Homme or here (buy the CD)
Edith Piaf – Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien or here (buy the CD or buy The Dreamers soundtrack)
Mylène Farmer – Q.i or here (buy the CD)
Sandrine Kiberlain – Manquait Plus Qu`ça (buy the CD)

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9 Responses to Les Girls

  1. Guuzbourg says:

    Hi Bibi, thanks for mentioning my blog! Did not know those song by Mylène and Sandrine, so I downloaded them. Thanks.

  2. S.P. Ming says:

    Mylene Farmer was one of my first French buys musically, and I am very fond of her work. I like Jane Birkin as well, but an all time favorite for me is Zazie. Made in Love and Rodeo are wonderful, so check them out if you feel the inclination!

  3. I really like that mylene song quite a bit 🙂 that is my favorite of her albums.
    Do you like Alizee, her little protege? I know it goes a bit over the top, but you can hear the influence…
    http://s52.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2B0QXMRZHX6NE0IXED68A8FEO1 this is “L’Alizee” off of Les gourmandises.
    and Moi, Lolita (also from Les Gourmandises)

  4. david says:

    oh, here is my little p.s. 🙂 the white dissapears on the comments page, so I can’t read well–just wanted to let you know 🙂
    also, carla bruni is really good too–that is her only album I have seen.

  5. Bibi says:

    My pleasure Guuzbourg and thanks to you, for all the great suggestions!
    S.P. Ming I don’t like so much Zazie, and just have one of her songs, because I didn’t like the others. I like a lot of Mylène works, specially this last work.
    Hi David… I still having problems here and I’m not enjoying, to be sincere.That wasn’t on my plains. thanks for the links, but, well… I have her two albums! Lovely girl and the albums are pleasant, specially to dance.
    And everyone, thanks for the comments!

  6. spikedcandy says:

    Hi Bibi! I didn’t see this post until now, thanks for the mention!
    The theme for the music on my blog is pop that has an edge of some type. Hence ‘spiked candy’ – the candy referring to the easily palatable quality in the music, an appealing melody is what I usually look for. But it’s candy that’s been ‘spiked’ with something that gives it a bit more substance than straight-out sugary music – something a bit dirtier, darker, weirder, more kitsch, or even something that little bit unpleasant – any of the things that make music that much better.
    I choose a lot of French music because it’s some of the best pop ever made! Plus a lot of it definitely has that edge to it, being risque lyrics, a bold jazz influence etc…
    <3 s.c

  7. Bibi says:

    Ah… anyway, I like I lot of the kind of songs that you post there. Great songs and I love pop music. 🙂
    And thanks to you for sharing all the great stuff that I know!

  8. spikedcandy says:

    Oh, and not that I really get what RSS but I think this is the feed:

  9. Bibi says:

    Thanks!:) I’m going to subscribe it to my feed reader.

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