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There are three blogs that I like a lot, not for those links. Well, they have great links too, but what I most like are the images that they post. And of those isn’t Drawn! that are always great illustrations and links. Those three terrific blogs with a similar subject are: Agence eureka, BibliOdyssey and Giornale Nuovo. They always have interesting posts, with beautiful images.
Chapeuzinho e o Lobo
Pita, from Agence eureka post links to vintage and old stuff and scanned vintage images, many of them from books. She also has a blogs to post images with a good resolution, grenouille plus, and des chapeaux, an adorable blog about hats.
The first focus of BibliOdyssey is links to sites with vintage images of books. The posts are lovely with many great images selected from those links, and the links are very good.
Mr. H from Giornale Nuovo likes, between other things, the old engravings, etchings from the XVI, XVII and XVIII century (I’m not sure, it’s better you ask to him). His posts always have a theme, with the history of that artist or theme, links and images. It’s a kind of class or art history highly recommended.
Mack Sennett Comedies Erotic Show Girl
Since that there are too many links that I want to “steel” from them, I chose a few links of each blog to post:
Alfa Rrabista: books, art, antiques e hundreds of vintage pictures. The Erotica sessions is my tip to visit there, with tons of pictures of actors and actresses, and few real “erotic” images and NSFW. (via Agence eureka)
De Bry’s Alphabets and Steingruber’s Alphabet: two cool posts about alphabets. If you like made a search to find the other posts about alphabets.
Galerie des Gravures de Gustave Doré: yes, a gallery with illustrations of Gustave Doré. (via Agence eureka)
Illustrations for The Art Deco Book in France: reproductions from that Gordon N. Ray’s book divided in five parts: The Livre d’Art of the 1920s, George Barbier, François-Louis Schmied, Jean-Émile Laboureur, Pierre Legrain and Art Deco Bookbinding. (via BibliOdyssey)
Jean-Jacques Grandville: stamps, drawings, illustrations and lithographies. Take a look also on the other links on this BibliOdyssey post.
Remedios Varo: Most of Varo’s personages bear the delicate heart-shaped face with large almond eyes, long sharp nose, and thick mane of lively hair that marked the artist’s own appearance. The personae she created thus serve as self-portraits transmuted through fantasy. The post on Giornale Nuovo has more information and links about her.
Les Fleurs Animées Fleur de grenadier

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  1. Leia Beigler says:

    Voltou com tudo.
    grandes achados.

  2. Alexa says:

    I have discovered some of those blogs you mentioned through your site sidebar and I love them too. You are a great source of info, keeps me coming back for more!
    Thank you.

  3. Lynn S says:

    Thanks for all the great links!

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