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Kong Que

Now I’m officially back, or something like that. The Mostra was very good, but I have to say that wasn’t so good as the last years, or maybe I’m getting more demanding with all the films. If you like cinema I suggest some of the films that I saw there: Manderlay, Caché, Good Night, And Good Luck. Film Site, A History of Violence, Broken Flowers, Luna de Avellaneda, Free Zone, Moolaadé, Brokeback Mountain, First people on the moon, Me And You And Everyone We Know, Dealer, Kong que, L’enfant and any film of Victor Sjöström. Those are some of the films that I remember the name, but among 70 and something films, that I saw, there are more good thing.

Brokeback Mountain

These days I also made a search about courses of languages and found some interesting things, specially in podcasts. I didn’t care about them, the podcasts, till finding those podcasts with languages classes. Most of my podcast subscriptions are about languages: English tips, new words, classes about Italian, French, Chinese. But there are some about cinema and culture. Here are some suggestions:

Cartoon Radio Network is wonderful if you like cartoons: cartoon music from the new and old cartoons, openings, short audio dialogues and more fun. Dr. Don accepts suggestions of something special that you want to hear if you send a nice email. Don’t lost the episode #24, Halloween special with “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”.

Incipit Blog it’s a audioblog with lectures of books or extracts of them. It’s a French blog, and the audioblog too, but there are lectures of non-French classics too. If you don’t want to sign the podcast try the normal subscription or take a look there to download or listen some of the good options available. Suggestions: Roland BarthesMythologies, Le vin et le lait, Le bifteck et les frites, Patrick SüskindLe Parfum, Histoire d’un meurtrier, Edgar Allan PoeLe corbeau and Franz KafkaLa métamorphose, but there are much more to check out.

Radio Memories Network has many channels with great audio files, but my favourites are Tales of HorrorPodcast and Scifi Friday. Don’t miss Scifi & Horror Episode 1 with original readings of “The Telltale Heart” and “The Raven”.

RetroCRUSH: The World’s Greatest Pop Culture Site. The site has a podcast with a bit of everything: retro commercials, bad TV theme songs, interviews, reviews, soundtracks, etc. The site has many curious sessions, 100 Greatest Horror Movie Performances, The 100 scariest movies scenes of all time, a gallery with Retro Babes, Bad girl movie posters and much more cool things on The retroCRUSH Archives. The episode #29 is an one hour Interview with George Romero.

The French PodClass is what it says, French podcast classes. A French guy called Sebastien is one of those lovely souls that “wastes” his time providing audio classes, texts of classes, exercises, bilingual texts with vocabulary, videos, and tips of songs, books and tools to everyone that speaks English and wants to learn French.

BTW, I’m using iTunes to listen the podcasts, but I’m searching for tools to create one, a recorder, something like that. All suggestions are welcome.

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8 Responses to Back and listening to podcasts

  1. Byron, Los Angeles says:

    Thank you for your site Bibi and welcome back,
    I learn so much from music to culture from you I muchly appreciate it!
    Byron, Los Angeles

  2. Luis Alberto Barandiaran says:

    You know, I’ve always wanted to search for something like this, in order to practice my french which is very VERY rusted from lack of hearing / speaking / reading it. I’ll go and check out that one right away. Thanks!

  3. João M. says:

    Arrasou no russo aí em cima hehehe…
    Eu fiz um arremedo de podcast gravado nos encontros de blogueiros, você já viu e ouviu?

  4. Leia Beigler says:

    Oi Bibi
    Parabéns pelos 70.Acho que não cheguei a 10.Escrevi a respeito de alguns.Mas seu post pela primeira vez me deu vontade de cehegar perdo de algum i-pod.
    Nos vemos por aí e aqui.

  5. Gesiel says:

    como demorouuuuu esta pausa de posts. 🙂

  6. Sebastien says:

    Hi Bibi,
    Thanks for that ad!
    If you want to create a podcast I will be willing to help you in that task.
    Encore merci

  7. yossi says:

    Perhaps I’m a bit late posting this but a friend of mine asked about podcasts aimed to
    Portuguese language students.
    If anybody here knows one, please let me know.
    Thanks in advance

  8. Bibi says:

    HI yossi,
    It’s difficult someone give you an answer readinfg this post, because it is an old post. Are you searching for a podcast that teaches Portuguese? I didn’t find anyone. I speak portuguese, but I’m not a teacher and in methodology I’m very bad. Did you check the BBC site of languages? They have a very short course of portuguese. Unfortunately the Portuguese is from Portugal and I think that is more difficult their pronnounciation, but that’s the only one I know. But podcasts… no one. Sorry.
    Good luck with your search, I hope that someone make it. 🙂

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