Wednesday Pin-up Blogging

Pin-up by Gil Elvgren
Don’t worry, there isn’t a blogging meme to post pin-up links on Wednesdays. It’s just an excuse that I created to post more links, because there are always more pin-up links:
Great American Pinup the site of this New York gallery with works of 24 great pin-up artists, including Rolf Armstrong, William Medcalf, Walt Otto, Gil Elvgren, Harry Ekman and Walt Otto. Some NSFW illustrations.
Daley Illustrations Art Gallery has been owned and operated for 34 years by Bill Daley, a leader in developing and maintaining interest in the illustration art field. A neat gallery with book covers, works of famous pin-ups artists, Hilda (Duane Bryers’s busty redhead pin-up) and other collections of illustrations, including clowns (be careful, clowns are always creepy). Read also the interview with Bill Daley, the Pinup Man. (via Drawn!)
Pinup Paradise: hundreds of illustrations from 34 artists, photos of pin-ups models and articles. A great work by Ted from TackyTimes. BTW, many NSFW images.

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  1. Hi Bibi,
    I Liked your post and the picture more!, thanks for your comments in my blog.
    I was reading the posts that I missed..
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