Reine des Centfeuilles

Princess Broglie by Dominique Ingres

Reine des Centfeuilles – Reproduction of historical clothing

Here you have the possibility to have your own historical costume made, following historical patterns and using authentic techniques.
Whether you like Late Gothic garments, Renaissance costumes, Baroque and Georgian (Revolutionary War) fashion or Regency, Early Victorian (Civil War) or Late Victorian robes, we let your costume dream come true!

Paintings, pictures and illustrations of costumes divide by historical periods. (via The Cartoonist)

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One Response to Reine des Centfeuilles

  1. Leia Beigler says:

    Adorei o link sobre moda.
    Vai fazer um ano ,foi na e’poca da Mostra qque conheci sua caixa.
    Tudo de bom.
    Eu compro o livro e entao me organizo.
    Quemsabe a gente se vê.
    Keep contact.
    Suas dicas sobre a Mostra reselam uma pessoa muito generosa.

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