Nobuyoshi Araki

Untitled picture by Nobuyoshi Araki

Dirty pretty things: Nobuyoshi Araki has been called a monster, a pornographer and a genius – and the photographer quite agrees.

Araki’s art overflows with life, and his life is awash in images. They are good, bad, indifferent; posed, random, accidental; prurient, erotic, anarchistic, touching, vulgar, lascivious, lurid, sentimental. The cumulative effect is overwhelming.
His mischievous and wanton energies, his scurrilous, libidinous images are driven by subjectivity and desire; so too are those images that go to the bone of bereavement, nostalgia and loneliness, their pathos being all the more affecting for being set at the heart, as it were, of a body of work – not to mention a work of bodies – full to the brim with life’s pleasures and excesses.

More about his work on his site, pictures of his Polaroids series and tow reviews of exhibitions and one more photo galleries here and here. All the links, excluding the Guardian article, are NSFW.

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5 Responses to Nobuyoshi Araki

  1. Matt says:

    Have you seen the documentary on Araki titled Arakimentary? It’s worth a look. He’s a very funny and hyper guy. Here’s a review.

  2. Bibi says:

    No, I never saw. It’s not easy find films here. :-/

  3. Suzanne says:

    Hey there, Bibi!
    Just thought you might be interested in the fact that Phaidon Press recently released a monograph to Araki’s “Self – Life – Death” exhibition that’s currently on show in London.
    Sadly, it’s not inexpensive, but there’s a little preview here.
    Also, I once wrote this little article on Araki… many many aeons ago – when I was still young and foolish. 😉
    Thought you might like it.
    Love & monkey brains,
    – S.

  4. DaniCast says:

    Magnífico. Adorei.

  5. nev says:

    ive just discovered noboyashi, and im almost overwhelmed in a tapestry of neon, fantasy cosmopoliton street news and private trails into exotic mirrors that flash images of his most erotic like intence strobes, rainbows ignite the night in exploring more of this strange now man,ive missed, and now see,i want to move closer, faster, into what he see”s and i want to pull the breaks on too, and sip each image…,only i can feel, and make his pictures pictures move further…i take them in privatly.., and then, mabe i will see how it is into the crowded storm of city neon river rain mirror streets,where the memory of camara flashgun…bursts insperation….where there is, space to withdraw,somewhere, and look again, for me too…

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