Japanese Girl

Japanese Girl Info hosts hundreds of early 1900’s postcards about Japanese ladies and geishas. (via Suzanne G.)

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3 Responses to Japanese Girl

  1. Tracy says:

    Very cool. And, seeing as you like cinema, have you seen “Samurai Fiction?” The cinematography is stunning.

  2. randal says:

    hi. can I send you images to bibisbox at gmail dot com?

  3. randal says:

    I saw one of the first screenings of “The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes” the new feature film by the quay brothers. It’s quite a disappointment. Made in HD and the story and the acting are quite uninteresting. Toobad, these quay brothers were promising, they still are but their new production is mediocre. Their animations are better.
    O, the other hand i discovered the early Peter Weir films. Couldn’t believe it, it’s like not having known Cronenberg until last month or something like that. Weirs recent films, going back to Dead poet’s society are crap, but in the 70’s he was a masta. Watch his films from that period, some of them are master pieces and the others are just excellent.

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