Fixed? Not all…

Ok, I’m back, but the problems are still here. If you took a look on my archives you saw that the old entries are all weird. For an inexplicable reason, during the changes to the new database system the characters of this blog had some problems like this:
The problem
They were changed to those symbols. This problem was on my blog entries, comments and trackbacks. My posts and comments in Portuguese were the most affected, because we use a lot of accents and have more text. I’m having a lot of fun (please put a lot of sarcasm here) fixing all the entries one by one, because that problem affects no only the accents on the words in Swedish, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish and some other languages; it also created some problems with quotes, punctuation and special characters that I used.
One more problem: the entries in Portuguese I can guess the accents and which word is, in other languages I’m checking the words on the original link. Even entries with all the text and link in English have problems. I’m fixing all those things, checking the html of the entries (I found many problems too), putting some more words on the keyword search and checking the categories of each one. The categories still disable and their archives aren’t be updating, but they still online with all the old posts. Sorry for this.
The entries of 2005 from April till September are fixed and I hope that till the end of the next week I had fixed all the others. Since I have more 1000 entries and many other comments to check out I can’t promise that everything will be fine soon, but I will do as soon as I can. I will be very busy with other things on the next days, and posting new things too, so please ignore the old entries not fixed for the next weeks. I hope that I have much more luck on my test of French, on the next Thursday, that I had with my blog those weeks.
Thanks for the nice words and support. We tried to fix the characters problem with a backup, but it didn’t work and a Portuguese corrector didn’t work too. The only thing that you can do for help me is having patience. I’m not with blog depression, I’m just depressed with the idea that I hadn’t this blog working so well as I wanted and it’s worst now.
Despite of all what is happening here I have some great news by mail. I received some of the Greta Garbo stamps that I asked before! Stuart, from Giornale Nuovo, was very kind and sent me some of those stamps from Swedish. Now I’m a curious happy girl with beautiful Great Garbo stamps! I didn’t receive any stamps from US, but I know that some people search for them and I hope that someone can find and send me them.
That’s all for now. Thanks for your attention and back to posting now. (I know that some people is waiting for this).
PS: note from the boyfriend/admin – I think the problem is of conversion of entries from latin-1 to utf-8. Some old articles were in latin-1, but now the site is utf-8.

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4 Responses to Fixed? Not all…

  1. P-E Fronning says:

    Good to see that you’re back!

  2. Bibi says:

    Thanks! 🙂

  3. Leia Beigler says:

    Oi Bibi
    \interessante sua odiss~eia para salvar suas entradas.Estou em Botucatu.

  4. DaniCast says:

    Eu tive esse problema quando migrei do MT para o WP. Quis importar o blog do meu irmão e sofri um bocado na conversão. No final, tive que caçar um programa que convertia de latin para utf para poder recuperar o antigo arquivo do MT para o WP – e funcionou mal, muito mal. Acabei ajeitando a acentuação na mão mesmo, post por post. Mazelas da informática, essa ciência imprecisa.

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