Famous Women In Slips

Maria de Medeiros
A brief interruption on my work, of fixing the old entries, to present to you Famous Women In Slips. Three galleries with pictures of gorgeous women, most of them actresses in movies images, in slips. BTW, the quality of the images isn’t so good, but it is a nice link as reference. (via IWR)

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3 Responses to Famous Women In Slips

  1. pezhammer says:

    Well… I’m a male (most of time) and quite heterosexual, so this web was a lovely gift. Many thx, Bibi.

  2. Bibi says:

    Yes, it’s true, cute! And that is a good film.
    Pez, some girls would love that site too, for the same reasons. 🙂 And almost all the images are cute.

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