Sex vocabulary

Ok, let’s talk about sex on this blog. First, here is a list with The Absolute Bottom 50 Euphemisms for Doin’ It. So it’s better you never use expressions like Making Puppies, Docking the Hovercraft or Dancing the Llama with your partner if he / she doesn’t have a lot of sense of humour. (via The Daily Pick)
Now maybe you don’t know the meaning of some words, but this is not a problem, since there are always some great search tools, dictionaries and thesaurus. That thesaurus is divide in 15 sessions by themes as man, woman, phrases, BDSM, prostitution, romance etc., and has many “old” expressions. More things that I discovered there beagle is nose, a bit of raspberry is an attractive woman, a Dutch Nickel is a kiss, French stuff is pornography and more expressions that I prefer not cite here.
But all this is an excuse to talk about this post: Me, Myself, and I, by Cult of the One Eyed Cat (thanks Sizi). That hilarious post is about, well… you know what.. masturbation with many euphemisms. If you don’t like the word, ok, just go to The World’s Largest Collection of Masturbation Synonyms and chose other word. There are expressions for men, women, in other languages, a collection with funny expressions and a random generator. Plus, a nineteenth century cartoon “showing” deadly consequences of self love auditioning the hand puppet.
PS.: for some people the language used on the links can be NSFW.

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  1. Bibi! This is shocking! 🙂

  2. Bibi says:

    Which part? The cartoon? Yes, very shocking 😀

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