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Ballet Mécanique
Good news from The Crime in your Coffee: the Film session of UbuWeb is back! Super! So don’t waste more time and start downloading / watch some classics from surrealism, among other cool films. I will start with my favourites: the silent films directed by Joris Ivens, René Clair, Luis Buñuel, Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Fernand Léger and Dziga Vertov.
PS.: the first version of Le Chien Andalou, the 322.9 mb (AVI) version, has the film Las Hurdes included.

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  1. Ana Lucia says:

    You’ll won’t believe, but I never downloaded a film on the Web like this, I have some difficult even to download mp3 🙂 but I’ll try this time. It’s really great to have a film like Le Chien Andalou in your own computer 🙂 Beijos.

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