The category archives are no longer being updated

Sorry. I’m having dificulties with the category archives. As their sizes were getting larger, it started to take longer and longer to rebuild them (O(n), it seems) and the CPU usage went through the roof. Today it became too much and I stopped being able to post, that is why I didn’t post the things that I wanted too. today
To allow me to keep on posting, I have disabled the rebuilding of the category archives, and new individual entries will no longer have clickable category links. I hope to have this problem solved soon and you will once again be able to browse by category. Hopefully, those archives will even be paged into small manageable chunks. One can hope…
We will be back to our usual programming after I calm down a little.
Update: It happens I made a mistake on the link to the category archive.
Update: I was not getting comments, either. Everything should be working now, except for the freak character encoding problems. If they are not, please e-mail me.

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9 Responses to The category archives are no longer being updated

  1. Andre says:

    Hi, remember me?
    I’m just testing to see if you still can get comments.

  2. João M. says:

    No WordPress não tem nada disso, é tudo comandado pelo banco de dados. 🙂

  3. ika_jifri says:

    I like your blog..I beleive that you’re serious blogger right? Can I send you a questionnaire regarding your weblog creation. Just to know your experiences. Your profile is will kept confidential. Hope you can help me. Thank you so much..

  4. Bibi says:

    Eu não gostei do WP João… não me dei bem com ele e não gostei de nenhum editor de imagens dele, nem dos templates. 🙁

  5. Paul K says:

    Oh no! I hope it’s easy to fix. It must be harder having your own domain – at least with blogspot I don’t need a brain! Good luck with it.

  6. Gesiel says:

    Olá Bibi,
    uma alteração dessas seria muito simples se vc usasse o WP… tudo no banco de dados… ai uma alma caridosa faria uma String SQL para alterar as categorias automaticamente, num piscar de olhos… Templates vc ou eu ou o Bill ou qq um pode fazer para o WP… simples…
    De qq forma, eu entendo o verbo “preferir”, além do que o MT é uma boa ferramenta.

  7. Leia Beigler says:

    Oi Bibi
    firme e forte.Você é bárbara.

  8. Bibi says:

    Hi P-E Fronning 🙂
    Thnaks, that’s sweet… but I’m busy with some problems and trolls against me on Orkut. They are stressing me and I couldn’t find energy to post. Sorry.
    Muito obrigada Léia! Mais ou menos, mas me dá prazer procurar coisas interessantes. E obrigada pelas visitas e apoio. 🙂
    Ah Gesiel, muito obrigada, mas como disse antes não gostei muito do Wp não… não sei não foi exatamente amor, foi mais uma questão de respeito entre nós. 🙂 Eu gosto mais do MT mesmo, principalmente no modo de alterar templates que não é mais fácil, mas eu prefiro. De qualquer forma muito obrigada pela ajuda e pela visita. 🙂
    Hi Paul, thanks for the visit. Well… it’s easy to fix, but since that the change corrupted all my accents I have to change one by one and I have 2000 posts. Well, most of them don’t have accents, but I have hundreds to change. 🙁 I will need of a lot of good luck. Thanks!

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