Valentines Book of Styles: a better use for furniture

Valentines Book of Styles
There is a Brazilian furniture store called Tok & Stok that sells products with a clean and nice design. Matt Hutson points to a web interface that they developed called Valentines Book of Styles. Probably they made for our Valentine’s day (12 of June) because I couldn’t find it on the store site. The interface shows the other uses for furniture: have sex. The client choose the item and check the “Suggestions of use”.
The Kama Sutra positions suggested are classic, but if you think that they are boring click on “my own style” to create one. There you can use your creativity to try bizarre, difficult or impossible positions without hurting your partner, or just check if your favourite will work with that piece of furniture. There is only one problem, and Matt talked about it too: it is an heterosexual interface. Well, the idea is funny anyway. (via apophenia)
PS.: alguém sabe me dizer se eles tinham essa interface no dia dos namorados lá no site? Viram alguma coisa sobre isso?

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