Thanks to some blogs

Now I am having problems with the accents on some old posts in my blog. Since I have a lot of entries and I have to fix them one by one I am going to have a lot of work. I am a list crestfallen, but I won’t stop blogging. Thank you for your support, your messages, and your visits.
I intended to thank to some people for their very kind posts last friday, but I couldn’t, because of the problems here. I’m doing that now, late, but still moved by their gentle words. My thanks to Billy, Ana Lúcia, Anaid the Rabbit and Idelber for the posts A Curious Girl, Cabinet de curiosités e Cinematógrafo and different kind of worlds and Links e Dicas.

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  1. Idelber says:

    You deserve it, Bibi. Thanks for making our lives brighter and prettier. You’re the best 🙂

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