The Moovie

The Moovie
The Moovie is a small electric-powered two-seater city car designed by André Costa for Peugeot. Costa says “What shaped the visual look on the vehicle was the two big electric wheels with hollow rim, these wheels are hollow in the middle, this is where the doors of the car are located, the vehicle has like this big doors allowing the users to have enough space to enter and exit the vehicle.”
Besides the beautiful design I also loved the idea of the two big round doors slide along the side-front of the car to waste less space in small parking spaces, allowing a better exit at all times. (via Apartment Therapy)

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3 Responses to The Moovie

  1. nanini says:

    hi! bumped into you, now in my favourites.
    it’s specialy liked this post, because i’m friends with André, and it’s nice to see peolpe talking about his work.
    btw, i also love the car.

  2. Bibi says:

    Você é amigo dele? O carro é mesmo lindo, parece até de brinquedo.
    Com esse nome achei que ele fosse ou brasileiro ou português. Acho que estava certa.
    Obrigada pela visita.

  3. A nice Peugeut portuguese designer.
    He shows that we portugueses can be really good when we want

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