My Favorite Word

What is your favourite word? I don’t know what is my favourite word in English, maybe fluffy or yummy because they are funny, cute and I like the sound. Everyone has a favourite word, so share it on My Favorite Word or check the favourite words of other people.

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4 Responses to My Favorite Word

  1. steff says:

    Not ‘Cellar door’ then? To be honest, I understand. Never much liked Cellar door, either.
    Maybe something Japanese with lots of ‘a’ like ‘watamabe’ (made up)?

  2. Carnacki says:

    fey. I like the word fey.
    Also outre’ and dark and macabre and gothic.
    …I see a trend in my favorite words.

  3. Bibi says:

    Macabre is very good. 🙂 I like it.

  4. 1977 says:

    My fav word in both English and Spanish has to be Pubic 😀

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