Google Blog Search

Google Blog Search
After a long wait Google decided launch Google Blog Search. My first impression: really great to me you are you looking to my blog with my nick. Maybe works fine if the name of the blog gives the description of the subject, if you have categories, and specially if you have some feed on your blog. No feed? So sorry, because The goal of Blog Search is to include every blog that publishes a site feed (either RSS or Atom). But many site haves feed too, so how they do this? Good question. And the old posts are not indexed, but they say that will try to do it.
One good feature, that you can find on some other blog search engines: you can sign the feed of some search and for a better result try some of the Google Search operators listed. The Unofficial Google Weblog made a nice review of Google Blog Search.
Of course the others blogs search didn’t like and here is what Technorati Weblog says about it (via Waxy). Since that Technorati can’t count my links, and everytime that I go there I have less links when the search works I can’t see many problems if Google or other search systems are now on the “blog search business”. I loved Technorati in the beginning, and I still loving some features, but I feel that they are not hanging on all the blog increase. Let’s see what will happen.
With all those competition Steve Rubel created a Blog Search Test to see how fast blog search engines index post and what they index. Till now his Blog Search Test was indexed just by Technorati. IceRocket blog search, Intelliseek’s BlogPulse and Google Blog Search “said” nothing about it.

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