Do you want some tea?


Do you know how to prepare a A Nice Cup of Tea? On this essay George Orwell explains the 11 rules for make it:

1. Use tea from India or Ceylon (Sri Lanka), not China
2. Use a teapot, preferably ceramic
3. Warm the pot over direct heat
4. Tea should be strong – six spoons of leaves per 1 litre
5. Let the leaves move around the pot – no bags or strainers
6. Take the pot to the boiling kettle
7. Stir or shake the pot
8. Drink out of a tall, mug-shaped tea cup
9. Don’t add creamy milk
10. Add milk to the tea, not vice versa
11. No sugar!

If you want more information about it I suggest to you read the BBC article How to make a perfect cuppa (with pictures of the steps), the text Tea maybe from the Douglas Adam ‘s book The Salmon of Doubt (don’t forget to see the flash animation), the PDF of How to make a Perfect Cup of Tea from the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Wikipedia entry about Tea.

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2 Responses to Do you want some tea?

  1. bluewyvern says:

    Great links. Thanks!
    Just one issue, though — I don’t think that “Tea” is from The Salmon of Doubt. It looks like just a regular h2g2 entry — a project similar to Wikipedia, inspired by Adam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide — and the entry indicates it is written by members Spirit and DNA.

  2. Bibi says:

    My boyfriend lie to me! He said and I put, but just in case I changed. Thanks for the tip.

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