Aubrey Beardsley

The Peacock Skirt
Aubrey Beardsley was the most controversial artist of the Art Nouveau era, renowned for his dark and perverse images and the grotesque erotica, which themes he explored in his later work. His most famous erotic illustrations were on themes of history and mythology, including his illustrations for Lysistrata and Salome. He died very young of tuberculosis, at the age of 25, but left an expressive quantity of works.
Aubrey Beardsley Art Images has some of his illustrations, some NSFW, but there is an advice. There are more of his works and information on Aubrey Beardsley: An Overview, In Black and White The literary remains of Aubrey Beardsley, with works of prose and verse, and Le Morte D’Arthur the online version of the book with Beardsley’s illustrations. (via Martin Klasch)

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